An online study tool providing guides, practice questions, and reviews for AP tests, SATs, and ACTs.
Fiveable is a comprehensive online platform aimed at helping high school students prepare for AP exams, SATs, ACTs, and college admissions. With a wide range of study guides, practice questions, and live reviews, Fiveable offers resources designed to build students' confidence and increase their scores. They cover 38 different AP subjects, including history, social science, arts, science, English, Capstone, math and computer science, and world languages and cultures. The platform is trusted by 12 million high school students and teachers. Fiveable offers a unique "Cram Mode" feature that makes students twice as likely to earn top scores, along with live hosted reviews to help students remember key concepts. Additionally, Fiveable provides a free library of resources created by students who have already achieved the desired scores, making it a trusted source of study material. The platform also offers study rooms where students can collaborate and stay focused on their tasks. Fiveable prides itself on delivering high-quality content created by former teachers and students in an easily understandable way, reducing stress and anxiety for students facing exams. Their mission is to make education more accessible and equitable by putting students at the center and empowering them. Fiveable is not affiliated with the College Board or ACT, Inc, but their resources align with these standardized tests. Overall, Fiveable is a reliable and comprehensive online resource that provides students with the tools they need to succeed in their exams and college admissions.