A comprehensive suite to manage startup fiscal needs, offering tax filing, bookkeeping, and insightful financial data.
Finta is a modern accounting platform designed specifically for startups. With Finta, founders and operators can conveniently manage taxes, bookkeeping, and financial insights all in one platform. This platform ensures accuracy, timeliness, and insightfulness when it comes to your financials. Finta is trusted by founders and operators from inception to scale. It offers more than just peace of mind - it helps you avoid tax consequences by filing federal and state taxes ahead of time, eliminating bad surprises from the IRS. Finta also provides visibility of burn, runway, and financials in simple language, enabling better data-driven strategic decisions. With Finta, you can leave accounting and taxes to the platform, minimizing work and headaches. The platform is easy-to-use and replaces the need for bookkeepers, tax accountants, Quickbooks, and Google Sheets. By using Finta, you can save time waiting for results and access the information you need with just a few clicks. Additionally, Finta offers customer support and encourages users to ask any questions about accounting, tax, and finance. Join the hundreds of VC-backed growing companies already using Finta to make accounting their superpower.