A command line tool offering IDE-style autocomplete, allowing easy sharing of scripts and credentials.
Fig is a next-generation command line tool that serves as the source of truth for a team's secrets, scripts, and SSH credentials. It offers IDE-style autocomplete for over 500 popular command-line tools, providing inline descriptions and powerful suggestions. Fig is seamlessly integrated with popular terminals, shells, and IDEs, including bash, zsh, and fish. It promotes collaboration by allowing easy sharing of shell aliases, environment variables, and secrets among team members. Additionally, Fig supports the creation and synchronization of shell scripts, making it easier for engineering teams to discover and use them. The autocomplete feature of Fig ensures that all the data processing occurs locally, guaranteeing privacy and security. Fig has gained popularity among developers, with over 100,000 engineers trusting and using it. It has received positive feedback from users who find it intuitive, indispensable, and enhancing their command line experience. Fig is supported by a vibrant community of contributors, has over 20,000 GitHub stars, and more than 10,000 active Discord users. It is a free tool that can be easily downloaded and installed via Homebrew. Fig also provides various resources, such as user manuals, documentation, and a plugin store, to help users get the most out of their terminal experience.