Offers SVG generators and tools for colors, suitable for web design. Includes conversion and encoding of SVGs.
fffuel is a comprehensive website that offers a wide range of free SVG generators, color tools, and web design tools. The site is a collection of tools created by Seb, the founder of fffuel, and includes various SVG generators for gradients, patterns, shapes, textures, and cool backgrounds. These generators allow users to customize the final result and create unique graphics that seamlessly fit into their designs. SVGs, or Scalable Vector Graphics, offer numerous benefits, such as the ability to scale to any size without losing visual quality and the option to edit them later by tweaking the underlying markup. Additionally, SVGs are often lighter in weight compared to raster images like PNG or JPEG. fffuel also includes tools for converting SVGs to PNG and encoding SVGs to Base64 for use as background patterns in CSS. In addition to the SVG generators, the site offers color tools such as a color picker and color palette generator to assist designers in choosing the perfect colors for their projects. Overall, fffuel is a valuable resource for web designers and developers seeking high-quality SVG generators and color tools to enhance their designs.