Featured Type
An online hub showcasing a curated selection of finest typefaces for artists and designers.
Featured Type is a website that serves as a curated showcase for the finest typefaces available on the internet. With a focus on creativity, they feature a range of typefaces from different foundries. Customers can explore the latest typefaces, including Florentine by URW++, Sprig by Faire Type, Editorial New by Pangram Pangram, Dala Moa by Commercial Type, Custer by Font Bureau, Cygnito Mono by ATK Studio, Bayard by Vocal Type, and Adonis New by ParaType. Additionally, users have the option to view all available typefaces. The website serves as a creative playground, showcasing both new and old typefaces. For more information, customers can also learn more about the website. Featured Type is made for fun at Okay Bueno and can be found on Instagram. Legal information is also provided, and visitors are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter to receive monthly updates. Overall, Featured Type is an excellent resource for designers and artists who are looking for the best typefaces to enhance their projects.