A collaborative planning app geared towards SaaS and live game companies to enhance team productivity.
Favro is an agile collaborative planning app designed specifically for fast-growing SaaS and live game companies. It offers a range of features and tools to facilitate team collaboration and improve productivity. The app allows teams to build flexible views with multiple team or planning boards in one place, enabling marketing teams to visualize daily work and creatives, while development teams can track their backlogs and sprints. Favro replaces various tools and is trusted by numerous companies for its flexibility and reliability. It offers real-time collaboration, both within teams and between teams, making remote work smoother than ever. The app also saves time with automations, allowing users to automate their workflows and increase productivity. Favro integrates seamlessly with other tools and platforms such as Slack, Google Drive, Jira, Dropbox, and many more. With over 5,000 teams using Favro, it is clear that it is a popular choice for enhancing teamwork and efficiency.