A digital platform granting fast, efficient product protection and claim resolutions for merchants and customers.
Extend is a platform that offers powerful product protection technology for merchants and customers. Their digitally-native solution provides a better product protection experience for both parties. With Extend, customers can easily file claims through a virtual claims assistant or live support team, leading to instant resolution and allowing them to purchase replacement products within seconds. This quick claims process improves customer satisfaction and drives revenue for merchants. Additionally, merchants receive a portion of each protection plan sale, contributing to their bottom line. The integration with Extend is lightning-fast and requires minimal development work, thanks to their APIs and eCommerce platform integrations. The coverage provided by Extend is tailored to meet customers' specific needs, including mechanical or electrical failure, and even damage caused by accidents. Over 95% of claims are instantly resolved, leading to happy customers and repeat business. Extend also offers analytics and optimization tools that use machine learning to maximize revenue for merchants. Overall, Extend uses cutting-edge technology to modernize the warranty industry and provide a seamless and efficient product protection solution.