EXO Freight
An open deck transportation marketplace for efficient shipment management, cost control, and real-time freight analysis.
EXO Freight is the world's first open deck transportation marketplace that connects shippers and carriers in a seamless manner. They offer a transportation management system, known as EXOTMS, which allows shippers to build, manage, and execute shipments by accessing the largest open deck carrier network. This system provides real-time analysis, visibility, and transparency to the shippers' freight, enabling them to have control over their freight spend. On the other hand, carriers can connect to this network through EXOCARRIER, which allows them to book digitally, manage preferences, and receive quick payments. EXO Freight also offers a comprehensive solution called EXOMANAGED, which provides end-to-end management of transportation networks using their technology and expertise. With EXO Freight, both shippers and carriers have the opportunity to gain access to the largest open deck carrier network, ensuring a reliable and efficient transportation experience. The company is headquartered in Royal Oak, MI, with another location in Lenexa, KS. For more information, you can contact EXO Freight at (702) 840-3285 or (888) 206-5831, or by emailing [email protected].