A habit tracker that helps form good habits with a visual representation of progress. Available across multiple devices.
Everyday is a habit tracker designed to help users form good habits and achieve their goals. The website offers a simple and beautiful interface, making it easy for users to stay motivated and track their progress. By doing tasks every day, users can develop new habits and increase their discipline. The website emphasizes the importance of not breaking the chain of consecutive days of progress, as this reduces the likelihood of quitting. Everyday provides a visual representation of goals and streaks on a single board, allowing users to easily visualize their progress. The habit tracker is available on various devices, including web, mobile, and browser extensions. The website is free to use, with no subscription or time limitations. Everyday was built in Barcelona by Joan Boixadós, who believes in the value of making progress a little bit every day. The website also includes additional sections such as information about the company, support options, and social media links for users to stay connected.