Offers secure solutions for identities, payments and data, focusing on Zero Trust strategies.
Entrust is a global leader in providing solutions for identities, payments, and data security. They enable trusted experiences by delivering convenient and secure digital interactions for customers and citizens. With a focus on Zero Trust strategies, Entrust helps organizations protect their identities and data to meet compliance requirements. They have issued more than 20 billion payment cards and protect over 100 million workforce and consumer identities. Additionally, Entrust encrypts and secures over 24 million Swift messages daily. Their portfolio includes solutions for digital onboarding, unified financial issuance, and secure transactions. Entrust has a wide range of industry expertise, serving financial, government, and enterprise sectors. They offer compliance solutions for PSD2 and Open Banking, eIDAS, and HIPAA regulations. The company also provides resources and education through their Cybersecurity Institute, which offers insights, newsletters, and podcasts. Entrust is dedicated to accelerating organizational growth and ensuring the future security of identities, payments, and data.