Provides energy and process management solutions to reduce waste and improve efficiency.
Elmeasure is a prominent leader in providing intelligent energy and process management solutions. They specialize in helping businesses, industries, and end users reduce waste, decrease their carbon footprint, and monitor and control energy efficiency. With a two-decade long track record, Elmeasure is dedicated to providing consistent quality and value for their clients. They have a global presence with offices in 6+ countries and have served clients in over 50 countries. Elmeasure has a wide range of products including energy and power monitors, source changeover switches, protection and control devices, process measurements tools, industrial communication solutions, current transformers, and low voltage switchgear. They have served over 25,000 satisfied clients and have over 5 million products in the field. Elmeasure's expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned them the trust of top global brands. They offer various services, including demos, quotes, technical details, solution benefits, supporting documents, partnership opportunities, and product support. Customers can sign up to their newsletter to receive new product announcements, industry news, and advance notice on upcoming deals. Elmeasure's headquarters is located in Bengaluru, India, and they can be contacted via email or their toll-free number.