Offers global identity verification and fraud prevention solutions in e-commerce and financial sectors.
Ekata, a Mastercard company, provides global customer identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for the payments, e-commerce, and financial services industries. Trusted by over 2,000 companies worldwide, Ekata's mission is to empower businesses to see and understand digital identity better. They offer model-ready data and insights to support global identity verification, helping businesses improve approval rates, optimize manual review queues, reduce payment risk and chargebacks, and avoid lost revenue. Ekata achieves this through their proprietary Ekata Identity Engine, which combines sophisticated data science and machine learning with two proprietary datasets - the Ekata Identity Graph and the Ekata Identity Network. These datasets transform core identity attributes into valuable insights that enable businesses to make informed decisions about their customers. Ekata also provides resources such as webinars and whitepapers to help businesses navigate emerging fraud trends and enhance their risk management strategies. To learn more about how Ekata can help identify good customers, combat fraud, and save businesses money, interested parties can contact them directly through their website.