Helps CS students excel through mentoring, study tools, and organization aids available 24/7.
Edlyft is a website that aims to assist college students in excelling in their computer science courses. It has been funded by Google and has been selected for the prestigious Google for Startups Black Founders Fund. Edlyft recognizes the challenges that CS students face, such as waiting for hours to speak to a TA, and aims to provide a solution. The platform connects students with dedicated mentors and cohorts, offering access to CS study tools 24/7. Edlyft also provides live help sessions and support to build confidence in CS. Users can stay organized with upcoming deadlines and access a bank of practice problems specific to their courses. Testimonials from students reflect the positive impact Edlyft has had on their academic journey. The website offers a FAQ section to address common queries and provides information about the company, career opportunities, and sponsoring a student. Edlyft also emphasizes accessibility, allowing anyone to support its mission by sponsoring a need-based student with a scholarship. For college students looking to excel in computer science, Edlyft offers a comprehensive platform for achieving their goals.