A real-time supply chain security solution simplifying vulnerability management and enhancing team coordination.
EdgeBit is a real-time supply chain security solution designed to simplify vulnerability management and enhance coordination between security and engineering teams. This platform focuses on securing the code that is actually running, eliminating noise and reducing frustration for teams. By understanding what is executing, EdgeBit surfaces relevant vulnerabilities, allowing organizations to prioritize their backlog and focus engineers on impactful patching. The platform also enables users to understand dependencies and communicate them to customers, meet compliance requirements through automation, and safely use open source through intelligent decision-making. With EdgeBit, security teams can provide maximum context to developers, security, and SRE teams, reducing investigation toil and allowing for more action on real issues. The platform integrates with popular security tools, package managers, and container registries, covering a wide range of systems and workloads. Additionally, EdgeBit is built on open-source and industry standards, providing a trusted foundation. This comprehensive solution cuts through the noise in vulnerability management, streamlining the remediation process, and allowing organizations to meet compliance SLAs.