A workplace management solution that maximizes space utility and streamlines office operations.
Eden is a flexible workplace management software that offers user-friendly tools to enable teams to work more effectively. With Hourly Desk Booking, companies can maximize the use of their space and create a great office experience. The software also provides solutions for meeting room booking, visitor management, mailroom management, internal ticketing, and team safety. By streamlining these processes, Eden helps companies deliver delightful employee experiences while saving time for HR and People teams. The platform integrates with over 40 tools that teams already use, including Slack, Teams, Google Suite, SSO, and more. Eden's comprehensive and intuitive tools are designed to fit the unique needs of each company and are available at an à la carte pricing. Many people-centric teams love Eden because it saves them time, improves workflow, and provides a centralized platform for all workplace-related tasks. Eden is trusted by leading companies and offers case studies that showcase its effectiveness in building better employee experiences. The company also provides a blog where readers can learn more about workplace-related topics. To see Eden in action and determine if it's a good fit for your team, you can schedule a demo with their experts.