An online tool for storing and organizing reference images and design files for easy use.
Eagle is a website that offers a comprehensive solution for organizing reference images and design files. It allows users to store, collect, search, and organize their creative inspiration in one place. With Eagle, users can easily store and organize various types of design files, including inspiring images, design mockups, illustrations, screenshots, and more. The website provides powerful features to streamline the organization process, such as the ability to add tags to images or groups of images for efficient searching, create folders and smart folders to keep assets organized, and even write down thoughts and annotations for better organization. Eagle also offers a browser extension that makes it easy to save images from any website, providing a hassle-free way to collect visual inspiration. Additionally, users can browse their files with ease through features like hover preview, spacebar preview, and suitable layouts. The website supports a wide range of file formats, ensuring that users can import and organize any type of file in one place. Eagle is trusted by top design teams around the world and has received high recommendations from designers who have found it to be a valuable tool for organizing assets and streamlining their design workflow.