Helps brands understand customers and drive revenue through marketing automation. Provides easy growth and audience engagement for businesses.
Drip is a customer-centric marketing automation platform that helps brands understand their customers and drive revenue through email, popups, and automation. With Drip, businesses can easily grow and engage their audience by starting personalized conversations and maintaining strong connections. The platform offers specific solutions for both ecommerce businesses and services and experiences sellers, allowing them to achieve deep segmentation, inform strategies, and make data-driven decisions. Drip provides a range of tools and insights including email design and delivery, onsite campaigns, powerful segmentation, automation, and detailed dashboards for tracking marketing impact. The platform offers a 14-day free trial for customers to experience the full Drip experience and connect with over 150 seamless integrations to gather and analyze accurate data. Drip has over 20,000 satisfied customers, who rave about its beautiful integration, easy management and setup, excellent customer service, and constant feature updates. Drip is favored over competitors like Klaviyo for its intuitive and sophisticated platform and same-day customer care. Numerous success stories highlight how Drip has helped businesses drive revenue and boost online experiences. Overall, Drip empowers businesses to implement complex automation strategies and achieve endless revenue growth.