Enables creation of professional doodle videos quickly, without need for design skills or technical expertise.
Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows users to create professional, realistic doodle videos in just minutes. It eliminates the need to pay high fees to professional designers and videographers, allowing anyone to create their own doodle sketch videos with little to no design or technical skills. The software offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create whiteboard, blackboard, glassboard, and even green screen animations. Users can choose from a variety of male and female hand types in different ethnicities to personalize their videos. Doodly also provides a large selection of custom-drawn whiteboard doodle images, with 200 total characters, 20 different poses, 20 background scenes, and hundreds of props and assets covering various topics and niches. The software allows for custom voiceover audio, and users can easily sync their voiceovers to their doodle sketches with a click of a button. Doodly is compatible with both PC and Mac, and users can install it on as many computers as they like. The videos created can be exported in various file sizes and resolutions, and users have access to free software updates with new features and functionality. Doodly also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The software is particularly useful for YouTube marketers, teaching and training purposes, Facebook advertising, sales videos, creating fun and inspiring videos, and countless other applications. In addition to Doodly, users also gain access to Voomly Cloud, a suite of content creation tools and a video platform that includes tools for creating eCovers, hosting and streaming content, creating cartoon explainer videos, and generating professional voiceovers. Voomly Cloud offers unlimited video players, player skins, border skins, bandwidth, and cloud storage, among other features. The possibilities are endless with these tools, allowing users to combine drag-n-drop programs to create engaging video content that persuades, engages, and sells their audience. Overall, Doodly and Voomly Cloud provide a powerful and versatile solution for creating high-quality doodle videos and other types of video content.