Doctor Droid
Doctor Droid
Aids businesses in monitoring complex transactions and gaining valuable insights about product behavior and customer satisfaction.
Doctor Droid is a transaction monitoring platform that allows companies to monitor complex transactions related to customer experience and product behavior. The platform helps store essential product and customer context in the monitoring process, providing valuable insights into the health of the product and customer satisfaction. With Doctor Droid, companies can monitor metrics spanning across multiple asynchronous and synchronous steps, join chains of events to proactively track multi-step processes, and auto-create workflow views that represent product behavior and critical metrics. The platform also helps remove noisy alerts, detect customer issues faster, and make it easy for new engineers to triage any issues by saving tribal knowledge in the system. Testimonials from satisfied customers highlight the platform's effectiveness in monitoring call processing pipelines and creating metrics from joined events. Doctor Droid is recommended by professionals in various industries, including Prodigal Conversational AI and BuyStars. The platform is backed by a team with expertise in data analysis, debugging, and product development. It offers stateful monitoring, connectors and integrations, and a blog featuring relevant topics related to observability and debugging.