Simplifies communication and workflow automation with intuitive, scalable marketing tools.
Dittofeed is an open-source customer engagement platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools to automate communications with customers and simplify workflows for growth teams. With Dittofeed, you can segment customers, build messaging workflows, and trigger workflows for free. The platform provides intuitive marketing tools that scale, offering a perfect balance of user interface simplicity and robust messaging capabilities. You can automate marketing communication with multi-trigger workflows based on events across your products and pages using the Journeys feature. Dittofeed also allows you to split users into customizable segments for delivering personalized content with the Segments feature. Additionally, you can utilize the powerful and flexible user properties of Dittofeed to send highly personalized messages using Templates. The platform also offers developer best practices built into your growth stack, including version control with branch-based git workflows, testing features similar to Redux devtools, and the ability to self-host and keep control of customer data to prevent vendor lock-in.