An AI platform for data-informed investment decisions in venture capital and private equity.
Dili.ai is an AI-powered diligence platform designed specifically for Private Equity and Venture Capital deal teams. It aims to help these teams make more data-driven investment decisions. Dili utilizes AI across three pools of data: company data rooms and deal materials, the firm's internal proprietary knowledge base, and external data integrations such as Capital IQ, Factset, and Pitchbook. With Dili, deal teams can screen more deals faster by automatically pulling new deals from their inbox and extracting the most relevant facts from preliminary deal materials. This information is then compared against a structured database of previous deals to provide a list of comparable companies and red flags for quick evaluation. Furthermore, Dili's deep due diligence capabilities allow users to uncover issues that may not be easily discoverable within a target company's data room. By examining every file in detail, Dili can identify asset-liability mismatches, legal clauses, and other causes of concern that could impact a deal. The platform has received positive feedback from users, with one principal at a PE firm expressing confidence in the power of AI-enabled infrastructure for capital markets deals. Customers can contact Dili.ai for more information or to request a demo. The company is based in New York, NY.