Provides quick-reference cheatsheets for web developers on a wide range of topics.
Devhints.io is a website that provides a vast collection of cheatsheets for web developers. Created by @rstacruz, the site offers a one-page guide to various topics in web development, making it a convenient resource for developers looking for quick references. The site covers a wide range of programming languages and tools, including bash, react, sass, vim, xpath, and many more. Users can easily find cheatsheets for recently updated topics, such as Clip Command Line Interface Pages, Tig, Tar, Atom, and Grep. In addition to programming languages, the website also includes cheatsheets for various frameworks, libraries, databases, and devops tools. Some notable categories include CSS, Databases (MySQL), Git, HTML (Xpath), JavaScript (ES6, React.js), Node.js, Ruby (RSpec, Rails), and Vim. The site also offers cheatsheets for topics beyond programming, such as Fitness, macOS, and Linux. Devhints.io provides a valuable resource for developers who need quick access to concise and comprehensive information to enhance their workflow. Visit devhints.io for an extensive collection of cheatsheets.