DesktopReady by Anunta
DesktopReady by Anunta
A scalable cloud desktop service that ensures security, reliability, and quick setup. Supports remote work and BYOD, ensuring enterprise-level compliance.
DesktopReady by Anunta is a trusted Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution provider, offering scalable and affordable cloud desktops. With a focus on automation and monitoring, DesktopReady delivers secure virtual desktops that provide an unmatched user experience. The DaaS offering guarantees a 99.98% uptime with robust infrastructure, ensuring dependable and stable service. Security is integrated at all levels, offering advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication for peace of mind. Deployment of virtual desktops can be completed within 3 days, allowing businesses to quickly access the tools necessary for their operations. Anunta has successfully migrated over 500,000 remote desktop users to the cloud, enhancing workforce productivity and delivering a superior end-user experience. With a team of over 400 experts, Anunta brings 10+ years of experience in VDI design, implementation, and development. DesktopReady use cases include enabling remote work, supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), rapid testing and deployment, ensuring scalability, and addressing security and compliance needs. DesktopReady is fully managed, offering freedom from desktop maintenance, and provides a simple and scalable solution that complies with enterprise-grade security and regulatory standards. As a trusted industry leader in VDI/DaaS management, DesktopReady is recommended for organizations looking for a simple, secure, and scalable solution for modern workspaces. Resources available on the website include tutorials, press releases, and blog articles that provide further information on DaaS and VDI adoption. The company can be contacted for consultation and offers transparent upfront pricing.