Boosts productivity and win rates for sales teams by automating scheduling and aiding discussions.
Demodesk is a sales meeting platform that aims to boost productivity and increase close rates for revenue teams. With Demodesk, sales and customer success representatives can automate scheduling, deliver winning product demos, and gain insights from their meetings. The platform offers several features, including Demodesk Scheduling to automate scheduling and qualify website leads in real-time, Demodesk Meet to provide an interactive and seamless meeting experience for prospects, Playbooks to guide reps in real-time with tailored pitches, and Coaching to gain better visibility and understand the strategies of top sales reps. Demodesk also integrates with CRM, calendar, and other sales stack tools to automate manual tasks and streamline the sales process. The platform is highly praised by customers for its ability to improve productivity, reduce ramp time, standardize sales narrative, increase win rates, and save time on manual tasks. Overall, Demodesk provides a comprehensive solution for sales teams, helping them convert meetings into revenue and achieve better results.