Provides seamless security solutions and privileged access management for modern, hybrid enterprises.
Centrify, now rebranded as Delinea, is a leading privileged access management (PAM) provider that offers seamless security solutions for modern, hybrid enterprises. With Delinea, privileged access is made more accessible. While the company has undergone a name change, customers can still access Centrify products, resources, support, and pricing through the provided links on the website. Delinea's product offerings include Server PAM, Vault Suite, Account Lifecycle Manager, Connection Manager, Delinea Platform, DevOps Secrets Vault, Privileged Behavior Analytics, Privilege Manager, Remote Access Service, and Secret Server. The company offers a range of solutions tailored for various industries such as Audit & Compliance, Incident Response, IT Complexity, Privileged Access Management Maturity, Remote Workforce, Service Account Management, Zero Trust / Least Privilege, Cyber Insurance, Education, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Cybersecurity Management, DevOps, and IT Management. Delinea also provides services such as professional training and support, with a dedicated support page to assist customers. The website features a comprehensive range of resources including analyst reports, case studies, datasheets, demos, eBooks, free tools, infographics, solutions briefs, trials, videos, and white papers. The company maintains partnerships through its partner program and offers a partner portal for easy access. Customers can stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments through the company's blog. Delinea is committed to ensuring customer privacy and complies with applicable privacy policies and terms of use. In summary, Delinea offers a wide range of PAM solutions and resources, caters to various industries, provides comprehensive support, and prioritizes customer privacy.