A platform that maximizes professional exposure to recruiters and job offers while minimizing effort.
Dealls is a career portal that provides professionals with the fastest way to receive job offers from top companies. With over 750 companies in their network, professionals can simply drop their CV and wait for offers to come to them. The platform showcases profiles to 1,200+ recruiters who are hiring on a daily basis. The process is simplified and time-efficient, allowing professionals to experience a new way of job-seeking. Dealls also offers priority slots for certain job positions, which ensures that applicants' profiles are reviewed first. The platform partners directly with companies, allowing applicants to apply as priority candidates and receive results within 14 days. The website also features a wide range of job listings covering various industries including Data & Product Management, Business Ops & Development, Design & Creative, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting, Recruiting & People, and IT & Engineering. Top talents have expressed their satisfaction with Dealls, with 84% reporting being approached by at least one company. The platform's AI-powered CV analyzer helps find the most suitable opportunities and provides feedback on how applicants rank compared to their peers. The website is user-friendly, featuring a neat and aesthetic UI, and provides live application updates, making the job search process transparent and efficient. For employers, Dealls offers the option to post jobs for free and hire from their curated, pre-screened talent pool, eliminating the need for time-consuming CV screening. Overall, Dealls is a valuable resource for professionals looking to find their dream job and for companies seeking top talent.