A platform that amalgamates sales, marketing, and data for lead generation and deal closures.
Dealfront is a comprehensive go-to-market platform that combines sales and marketing intelligence with data, lead generation, and web tracking. It provides sales and marketing teams with the necessary data, applications, and insights to find leads and close deals effectively. Trusted by over 10,000 companies, Dealfront offers a range of features including sales prospecting, buyer intent signals, website visitor tracking, and B2B advertising. The platform utilizes deep data from three channels: company databases, multilingual web crawling, and sales triggers, providing access to a robust company database with 30 million+ companies, 89 million+ contacts, and 200 million+ trigger events. Dealfront ensures compliance with GDPR and European privacy standards, collecting data from public sources and trade registers and hosting servers in Europe. The merger of Echobot and Leadfeeder resulted in the creation of Dealfront, offering customers the best of both award-winning companies. With a user-friendly platform and a range of powerful features, Dealfront is the go-to solution for businesses looking to win deals in the European market.