An open, flexible AI platform that enables businesses to quickly deploy AI solutions and govern all their AI assets.
DataRobot is an open, flexible AI platform built to adapt to the needs of teams. It brings together generative and predictive workflows into one powerful platform, allowing businesses to quickly deliver the AI solutions they require. The platform enables organizations to govern all their AI assets and tap into world-class AI experts. DataRobot is trusted by 40% of the Fortune 50 companies. It offers a collaborative experimentation experience, allowing teams to collaborate and deliver results in one unified space. With pre-built templates, hosted notebooks, and project management spaces, teams have the flexibility to use the latest models, tools, and best practices. The platform also facilitates value at production scale by integrating AI models into an organization's operations and business tools, as well as enabling prototype bespoke generative AI apps. DataRobot ensures governance and compliance with automated policies, controls, and security across workflows, models, and multi-cloud ecosystems. It also allows consolidation of multiple AI artifacts into a single system of record, regardless of the tool or deployment location. DataRobot is designed to be open, flexible, and extensible, integrating with existing data platforms, AI services, MLOps processes, DevOps tools, business applications, and generative AI apps. It maximizes investments in cloud data warehouses and data lakes with built-in data connectors and broad integrations. DataRobot offers solutions for various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial services, to optimize operations and make better business decisions. The platform delivers tangible impact to organizations, with faster deployment, higher return on investment (4.6x), and lower costs (80%).