Ideal for leveraging everyday AI and achieving exceptional business results via diverse capabilities like data preparation, machine learning, MLOps, and more.
Dataiku is a leading platform for Everyday AI, offering solutions that systemize the use of data for exceptional business results. They provide a wide range of capabilities, including data preparation, machine learning, extensibility, MLOps, governance, and generative AI. With Dataiku, teams can move beyond the lab and build real and safe Generative AI applications at enterprise scale. The platform also empowers tech experts, business experts, and enterprise leaders to accelerate time-to-impact, augment expertise with AI and data-driven insights, and build data into the day-to-day operations across the organization. According to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, Dataiku offers significant time savings for data engineer and data scientist roles, reduction in manual reporting tasks, and a high return on investment. They have garnered positive reviews and are trusted by global enterprises. Dataiku's customers, such as Deloitte, Standard Chartered Bank, Vestas, Action, and Pfizer, have achieved impressive results by leveraging the platform. Dataiku also offers industry-specific solutions tailored to banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, insurance, marketing, supply chain and logistics, finance, and audit. Their website provides a wealth of resources, including customer stories, blog posts, and insights on AI and data science.