Data Axle
Provides robust data solutions to help businesses in marketing, product development and fundraising.
Data Axle is a data-driven solutions provider that helps businesses acquire and retain customers, build better products, and gain business intelligence. With over 50 years of experience, Data Axle offers powerful data and innovative solutions for marketing, product development, and fundraising. For marketing, businesses can use Data Axle's data to create strategic marketing programs that target high-value prospects with compelling creative. In product development, Data Axle's data provides coverage, compliance, accuracy, and recency to create products that exceed customer needs. Additionally, Data Axle helps nonprofits expand their donor universe and create an omnichannel experience to emotionally invest their target audience in their mission. Data Axle combines data, analytics, consulting, and campaign execution to continually acquire profitable new customers and reduce attrition rates. Their data and services also empower businesses to improve learning opportunities, deepen insights, and manage risk. Data Axle's consumer data is compiled from over 100 sources and includes real estate, tax assessments, voter registrations, utility connections, and more, updated in real-time. They also offer data processing services to eliminate waste and improve sales and marketing efforts. Businesses can target new audiences through their acquisition programs, providing access to a database of over 250 million emailable B2B and B2C records. Data Axle also provides 360 data management services to deliver clean data downstream to marketing tools and platforms. They have been a trusted partner for over 100,000 businesses and have customer success stories across various industries. Overall, Data Axle offers a comprehensive range of data-driven solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.