Serves as a knowledge assistant for businesses, enhancing productivity by centralizing access to company information.
Dashworks is a comprehensive platform that acts as a knowledge assistant for companies. With unified NLP-powered search, Dashworks allows users to find information about anything or anyone within their company in just one click. This platform supports over 50 apps, making it extremely versatile and useful for employees. Dash AI, the company's knowledge assistant, automates away repetitive questions and helps employees quickly find the information they need, thereby accelerating productivity. It automatically understands the company's knowledge, including PTO policies, Slack messages, PR commits, and Asana tasks. Dash AI also provides automatic answers to team questions in Slack, sourced reliably from various company apps and chat history. Dashworks brings AI to teams without compromising on privacy or security, as it is SOC-2 compliant and has undergone extensive pen-testing. The platform offers simple pricing with no minimums or annual lock-ins, starting at just $4.99 per user per month. Dash AI improves productivity for every employee, from debugging code to summarizing customer interactions. It creates a single source of truth and eliminates silos by making information easily accessible across departments and locations. Dash AI reads, understands, and ranks knowledge without manual effort, ensuring accurate answers even with fragmented documents. This platform eliminates repetitive questions and onboards new employees seamlessly. It also speeds up engineering velocity, generates sales and marketing copy using chat history and documents, provides instant updates on projects, and acts as a brainstorm buddy. Dashworks is designed to help teams maintain speed and alignment, streamlining change management and keeping up-to-date resources and announcements front and center. The platform offers customizability to fit seamlessly into a company's brand. Dashworks prioritizes data security with measures such as encryption in transit and at rest, being GDPR compliant, and rigorous access control. It does not pre-index data and does not share data with third-party entities. Dashworks provides various integrations with popular tools such as Asana, Coda, Confluence, Dropbox, GitHub, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Workspace, HubSpot, Intercom, Jira, Linear, Microsoft Bing, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Monday, Notion, Quip, Salesforce, Slack, Stack Overflow for Teams, Zendesk, and Zoom. Overall, Dashworks is a powerful and efficient platform that enhances productivity, streamlines information access, and improves collaboration within organizations.