Dagworks Inc.
Dagworks Inc.
An efficient platform for building superior data pipelines, streamlining collaboration, and reducing onboarding time. It provides visibility, runtime compliance, and integrates with multiple tools for better data science workflow optimization.
Dagworks, Inc. is an innovative platform designed to help data science teams build better data pipelines quickly and efficiently. It streamlines the collaboration, creation, and maintenance of data, machine learning, and LLM (Lineage, Catalog, Data Quality, and Observability) pipelines, all on top of your existing infrastructure. With Dagworks, you can resolve issues faster by using lineage to understand how your data, code, and models connect. The platform also helps reduce onboarding time by providing self-populating lineage, code, catalog, and execution views for easy understanding of each other's pipelines. One notable feature is the consolidation of MLOps tooling, eliminating the need to manage separate services and UIs for lineage, catalog, data quality, and observability needs. Compliance needs are fulfilled through the ability to track lineage of code and data without any extra work, making it easy to audit data flows and usage. Dagworks also provides visibility everywhere as it is a lightweight integration that can run wherever needed, including orchestration systems, data warehouses, notebooks, web services, streaming services, and modeling libraries. Moreover, Dagworks integrates seamlessly with various tools including Airflow, Jupyter, and FastAPI. The platform is built on Hamilton, an open-source tool for describing pipelines, ensuring compatibility with existing Python code and easy adoption. With Dagworks, you can visualize your data transformation, debug your pipelines, and understand how they change over time. Trusted by several leading companies, Dagworks is an ideal solution for data-driven organizations looking to optimize their data pipelines and accelerate their data science workflow.