Offers advanced, AI-driven cybersecurity solutions for detection and response of threats and attacks.
Cybereason is a cybersecurity software company that offers an AI-driven XDR platform for predictive prevention, detection, and response against modern ransomware and advanced attack techniques. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for EPP, Cybereason has been named a leader in endpoint protection platforms. Their XDR platform is designed for defenders and offers planetary scale capability to ingest and normalize petabytes of data from the entire IT environment. The platform provides operation-centric visibility, allowing users to see the entire picture and context of a malicious operation rather than just receiving alerts. It also features predictive response capabilities, automating prediction and response to defeat attacks without human intervention. Cybereason's customers, such as Seton Hall University, Motorola Mobility, and ActiveCampaign, have expressed their satisfaction with the product's effectiveness in providing the best protection and streamlining threat mitigation processes. To experience the Cybereason Defense Platform, customers can request a demo or sign up for an attack simulation. Overall, Cybereason's cybersecurity software offers advanced protection and response capabilities, making it a reliable choice for organizations looking to enhance their security posture.