Maximizes YouTube views through AI optimization of video titles and thumbnails.
CreatorML is an A.I. tool designed for YouTubers to optimize their video titles and thumbnails for maximum views. The platform features a YouTube Title and Thumbnail View Ranker, which allows users to compare different thumbnails and titles to determine which combination will attract more views on YouTube. Before uploading a video, users can use the ranker to predict the number of views it will receive. CreatorML offers a user-friendly interface where users can enter video details or import them from a URL. The platform supports multiple languages and provides options for generating similar video titles. Additionally, users can choose a category and input a video ID for further analysis. CreatorML is used and trusted by prominent YouTube creators, such as The Infographics Show and Promoting Sounds, who have praised its effectiveness in enhancing audience experience and optimizing click-through rates. Created by Charles Weill and backed by Y Combinator, CreatorML is a valuable tool for YouTube creators looking to increase their channel's visibility and engagement.