A marketplace for design resources to enhance creative projects, with premium and free options.
Craftwork is a marketplace that offers a wide range of design resources and assets to boost creative workflow. They provide both freebies and premium products, including UX/UI kits, illustrations, mockups, fonts, and more. Users can browse through their catalog, add items to their cart, and either sign up or sign in to access the full collection. Craftwork is trusted by major companies and offers Pro Access for unlimited downloads. They have a diverse selection of design categories, such as web, mobile, social, email, and more. Additionally, they offer bundles for different types of design resources at reasonable prices. The site also features samples of designs created using their products for inspiration. Craftwork provides options to order custom design work, become an author, and join their affiliate program. They have a comprehensive information section covering topics like licensing, refunds, privacy, and terms of use. Overall, Craftwork is a valuable resource for designers and startup creatives, offering high-quality interface assets and a user-friendly experience.