Provides free stock video footage for both personal and commercial use across various categories.
Coverr is a website that provides a wide range of free stock video footage for personal and commercial use. They offer unique and beautiful videos that can be downloaded without the need for attribution. The website features various categories, including nature, people, love and relationships, business and work, fitness, lifestyle and wellness, aerial videography, pets and animals, and many more. They also have a collection of Zoom virtual backgrounds. With a diverse selection of videos, Coverr is suitable for any project or website. They offer a seamless segue with their b-roll footage, provide the perfect background for music videos, and offer inspiration for various creative projects, promo videos, and social media posts. Coverr's videos are completely free, and there are no hidden tricks or restrictions. They also have an API available for those who require it. Joining the Coverr community allows users to receive exclusive videos and special offers weekly. By using Coverr, customers can enhance their projects with high-quality stock video footage.