Cornerstone Talent Experience
Cornerstone Talent Experience
An adaptive talent experience platform designed to streamline talent management and unlock workforce potential. Features AI-powered HCM solutions, internal mobility marketplace, leadership development programs, and networking events. Recognized for its learning management, it also integrates skills end-to-end, elevates insight and automation, and improves operational agility.
Cornerstone Talent Experience is a talent experience platform designed to unlock the limitless potential of a workforce and streamline talent management processes. With adaptive HCM solutions powered by AI, Cornerstone aims to deliver personalized experiences and insights to employees in the moments that matter. The platform offers various features, including Cornerstone Opportunity Marketplace for internal mobility and workforce agility, Cornerstone Content Anytime for turning learners into leaders, and Connect Live events for learning and networking opportunities. Cornerstone has been recognized as a leader in various industry reports, including Ventana Value Index for Learning Management, Fosway 9-Gridâ„¢ for Learning Systems, and Aragon Research Globe for Corporate Learning. The platform aims to deliver a holistic people experience, integrate skills from end-to-end, elevate insight and automation, and improve operational agility. It provides best-in-class learning and talent management capabilities for areas such as learning and development, recruiting and onboarding, performance management, engagement surveys, extended enterprise training, core HR, workforce planning, analytics and reporting, and integration with other systems. Cornerstone also offers modern learning experiences, AI-powered solutions, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives, skills development through Skills Graph, virtual training options, back-to-work planning support, and compliance management features. The platform is used by organizations globally, and customer success stories highlight the time-saving and value-adding potential of using Cornerstone.