Platform to maintain and develop branding design with emphasis on flexibility and user experience
Corebook° is an innovative online brand guidelines platform that aims to help branding teams develop and maintain their brand design integrity. The platform prioritizes user experience and simplicity, ensuring that users can quickly get started with their web-based style guide without needing to learn coding skills. Corebook° also emphasizes the importance of flexible and up-to-date brand guidelines that can be easily edited, shared, updated, and protected. The platform is trusted by numerous brilliant branding teams, including McCann Central, VaynerMedia, Mackey Saturday, Monday Creative, Interstate, Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, Relajaelcoco, Storyland Studios, M&C Saatchi Group, and Unsensible. In addition to providing collaborative prototyping features and seamless sharing, Corebook° enables users to enhance their brand storytelling by incorporating multimedia content such as audio, video, and animation. The platform also offers features like custom URL, privacy-consciousness, and future-proofing to ensure that clients have a competitive advantage in digital brand management. Corebook° allows users to publish their client's brand guide, customize all aspects of their brand guidelines, manage different user groups of access, and add downloadable assets. The platform provides a range of pricing options for different user needs, offers customer support, and prioritizes data security and privacy.