CRM platform that integrates with Google Workspace, simplifying customer relationship management.
Copper is a CRM software solutions company that focuses on helping businesses build stronger customer relationships. They offer a flexible CRM platform that is designed to integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace, making it easy for businesses to track and manage their customer interactions. With over 30,000 companies using Copper, it is a trusted and popular choice for businesses of all sizes. The platform offers a range of features, including automatic inbox sync with Gmail, access to contextual information about Google Calendar meeting attendees, and the ability to attach and view files sent to customers and prospects. Copper also provides workflow automation, easy integration with other apps and tools, and simple and intuitive workflows that eliminate repetitive processes and save time. Users can access and use Copper directly from their Gmail inbox, making it convenient and efficient. The platform is easy to set up and onboard users quickly, ensuring a more productive team. Copper offers a free trial so businesses can test and evaluate the CRM software before making a commitment. The platform has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate its customization options, easy usability, and ability to centralize communication and provide transparency and visibility into business operations. Copper's customer support team is available to assist users, and they also provide expert insights on topics related to sales, marketing, and customer experience through their blog. Overall, Copper is a comprehensive CRM software solution that aims to help businesses improve their customer relationships and streamline their operations.