Provides automation for energy contractors, increasing efficiency, profitability, and customer experience.
Coperniq is the ultimate software for energy contractors, offering automation that can save up to 40% of customer communication time and 12 hours per week per team member. With Coperniq, contractors can focus on high-leverage business activities while the software handles the rest. The platform is specifically designed for solar EPCs and turnkey companies, making it an industry-leading project and service management tool. Testimonials from users highlight the benefits of using Coperniq, such as higher average profit margins (+12.1%), higher referral rates (+72%), and an average time-to-PTO saving of 9 days. The software provides solutions for project portfolio management, bridging the gap between the office and field, and creating transparency throughout the solar journey. Coperniq saves time, increases profit margins, and boosts customer referral revenue. The platform integrates multiple tools into one location, offering pipeline management, project management, field service management, customer success hub, financials and inventory control, and a mobile workforce management solution. Overall, Coperniq is the go-to software for energy contractors, providing efficiency, profitability, and exceptional customer experience.