Generates and explores color schemes, with apps and design tool integrations. Use it for contrast checks, gradient creation, and converting images.
Coolors is a super fast color palettes generator that allows users to generate or browse beautiful color combinations for designs. With the ability to create the perfect palette or get inspired by thousands of existing color schemes, Coolors is a valuable tool for designers. It offers various features and integrations that enhance the user experience, including an iOS and Android app for creating and saving palettes on the go, a Figma plugin that brings all palettes directly into the workspace, a Chrome extension that provides a new palette with every new tab, and even an Adobe extension for seamless integration with favorite tools. The platform is widely popular, with over 4 million designers and top companies utilizing it for their color scheme needs. Coolors also offers additional tools such as a contrast checker, a color picker, and the ability to generate gradients, browse free fonts, and convert images. The website provides various pricing options and has a comprehensive help center for support. The privacy and cookie policies are clearly stated, allowing users to manage their consent and preferences. Coolors is a reliable and user-friendly platform that caters to the diverse needs of designers everywhere.