Offers comprehensive IT management software and solutions, with features such as intelligent automation, scalability, cybersecurity, and more for efficient business growth and security.
ConnectWise is a comprehensive IT management software and solutions provider for MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and IT solution providers. They offer a wide range of tools, services, resources, and a community of peers to help MSPs grow and manage their businesses effectively. The company's flagship product, Asio™, is an integrated platform that offers intelligent automation, limitless scalability, and cutting-edge cybersecurity. It includes features such as patch automation, scripting, remote access and monitoring, sales and marketing tools, and more. ConnectWise also provides solutions for cybersecurity management, unified monitoring and management, and business management. Their cybersecurity solutions help protect clients' critical business assets, with 24/7 support from the ConnectWise SOC (Security Operations Center) and the IT Nation community of peers and industry experts. The unified monitoring and management platform enables MSPs to remotely access and manage all endpoints, ensuring smooth IT system operations for their clients. ConnectWise's business management solutions centralize core business operations, providing features such as professional service automation, quote and proposal automation, centralized IT documentation, and more. Additionally, ConnectWise offers integrated services, including project outsourcing, business consulting, help desk support, SOC services, and NOC services. By partnering with ConnectWise, MSPs gain access to a large community of IT professionals, thought leaders, and experts through the IT Nation network. They offer conferences, product training, certifications, and community events to connect, collaborate, and grow. With over 40 years of experience, ConnectWise is a trusted partner for MSPs, MSP+, VARs, and OEDs, providing them with the necessary software, services, and community support to automate, manage, grow, and secure their businesses effectively.