Confluence Technologies
Confluence Technologies
Offers data-driven investment management solutions, optimizing efficiency and risk management.
Confluence Technologies is a global leader in data-driven investment management solutions. They offer products and services that are designed to optimize efficiency and control for their clients. With over 1,000 clients and a presence in 40 countries worldwide, they are a trusted partner for asset managers, asset owners, and asset service providers. Their solutions cover a wide range of areas, including performance and analytics, risk management, data technology and services, regulatory compliance, and investor communications. They are known for their expertise in meeting SEC Tailored Shareholder Reporting requirements and helping clients navigate SEC exams on the Marketing Rule. The company has expanded its evaluated bond pricing coverage to over 800,000 bonds globally, demonstrating their commitment to providing comprehensive and accurate data solutions. They also have an AI strategy aimed at delivering real impact for the investment management industry. Confluence Technologies has earned the trust of the top 10 asset managers and service providers, highlighting their reputation as a reliable and valuable partner. They provide news and resources on their website, keeping clients informed about industry trends and developments. As an industry leader, Confluence Technologies empowers knowledge and offers data-driven solutions that drive efficiency and control in investment management.