Used to collaborate visually on projects and brainstorm strategies remotely. Helps manage user access, and offers data protection options.
Conceptboard is a secure online collaboration tool and GDPR compliant online whiteboard that has over 14 million users worldwide. It is designed for remote teams and work, allowing users to collaborate visually on projects and brainstorm solutions. With Conceptboard, users can work from any location and remain connected with their colleagues, providing feedback and collaborating in real-time. The tool prioritizes data protection, data sovereignty, and privacy, and offers various hosting options to cater to different security needs, including public cloud, dedicated server, and data center edition for self-hosting. Conceptboard offers features such as an infinite canvas for an expanding workspace, moderation to guide participants, live cursors with participant names, file import for popular formats, board history for version management, role management for user access control, and a template library with ready-made templates. In addition, Conceptboard caters to various use cases such as brainstorming, design collaboration, agile management, design thinking, workshops and meetings, and visual storytelling. It also offers enterprise solutions for organizations of all sizes, allowing for professionalized visual collaboration. The platform has received positive feedback from customers who have found it easy to manage collaboration processes and improve the quality and consistency of their brands. Conceptboard offers a 30-day free trial and provides training, a consultant community, and a help center for support.