Provides omnichannel customer service solutions with AI automation, live chat, social media, messaging, and analytics.
Comm100 is an omnichannel customer engagement software that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer service and support. With its smart AI automation and 24/7 engagement capabilities, businesses can provide answers and support to customers anytime, anywhere. The software offers various features, including live chat, chatbots, automation, knowledge base, voice bot, ticketing, social media, and messaging. It also provides insightful analytics and reporting for better personalization of customer interactions. Comm100 prioritizes iron-clad privacy and security, ensuring that customer data is protected. The platform is trusted by leading institutions globally and offers omnichannel student engagement for higher education. It boasts 100+ features and guarantees uptime for uninterrupted service. Comm100 also offers extensive integration capabilities, allowing businesses to connect their tech stack with ease. The software is designed for fast and easy implementation, providing an intuitive and modern UI. Comm100 is known for its customer service and offers training customized to the needs of each business. It has received awards for its AI-powered software and offers a range of resources, such as customer stories, product tours, ROI calculators, webinars, and white papers. Overall, Comm100 is a reliable and comprehensive customer engagement software that helps businesses build stronger and better connections with their customers.