Enables addition of real time text, voice & video chat features to apps and websites.
CometChat is a platform that enables users to add real-time text, voice, and video chat features to their applications and websites. It offers a range of chat widgets, software development kits (SDKs), user interface (UI) kits, and components to assist in building and creating engaging chat experiences quickly. With integrations, flexible deployment options, and a variety of development tools, including APIs and SDKs, CometChat caters to developers of all skill levels. The platform also provides implementation options such as no-code widgets, low-code UI kits, and powerful SDKs for developers who require more control. Trusted by various industries, including startups, healthcare, social communities, marketplaces, and education, CometChat's robust metadata properties allow for dynamic chat creation based on orders and location-specific data. The platform also offers moderation options to ensure a positive user experience. Alongside its extensive documentation, tutorials, and support, CometChat aims to empower developers in delivering high-quality in-app communication experiences that can rival standalone messaging platforms. Customers can try CometChat risk-free with no credit card required.