Cognition IP
Offering reliable and cost-effective patent prosecution and portfolio management services.
Cognition IP is a law firm that specializes in providing comprehensive and efficient intellectual property (IP) protection services, with a focus on patent prosecution. They offer fixed-fee pricing, ensuring transparency and eliminating the risk of surprise legal bills. Their team of expert IP lawyers has experience representing Fortune 500 companies and has achieved a historical success rate of 91% for patent applications filed. This success rate is significantly higher than the average law firm in the United States, which stands at 55%. Cognition IP's use of technology enables them to streamline the IP protection process and make better decisions with the help of IP analytics. They prioritize their startup clients and aim to prepare patent applications within weeks, significantly faster than traditional law firms that may take months. The firm offers a range of services, including IP strategy guidance, freedom-to-operate analysis, trademark protection, provisional and non-provisional patent application filing, and patentability searches. They have expertise in verticals such as life sciences, advanced software, consumer goods, transportation, cryptocurrency, SAAS, marketplaces, hardware, and university spinouts. Additionally, Cognition IP has received positive testimonials from clients who commend their quick turnaround time, comprehensive results, and excellent customer service. Overall, Cognition IP is a trusted and efficient partner for businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective patent prosecution and portfolio management services.