Offers a variety of multicolor CSS gradients for web and app design, as CSS code or JPG images.
Codioful is a website that offers multicolor CSS gradients for websites and apps. These gradients are created with care and are visually appealing. The website provides the option to use these gradients as either CSS code or downloadable JPG images, making it versatile for different design needs. The backgrounds can be used at any aspect ratio, allowing for flexibility in design. Codioful offers a total of 182 carefully crafted gradients for users to choose from. So far, the gradients have been highly popular, with over 55,000 CSS codes copied and 80,000 JPG downloads. The website is free to use, and both the images and codes are available for users to utilize however they want. Codioful is passionate about creating exciting and useful tools, and users can subscribe to stay updated on new products and free tools.