Helps enhance user activation for SaaS apps with AI-powered, updated help and onboarding guides.
Clueso is a website that provides a range of services to help improve user activation and retention for SaaS apps. With their AI-powered help center, users can create onboarding and help guides quickly and easily. The website offers multi-format help content, including product walkthroughs, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials. This allows users to choose the most effective format for their needs. Additionally, Clueso's help content is always up-to-date, as it auto-updates to ensure that it remains synced with the product. By using Clueso, users can save time and effort in creating and maintaining their help content, as it is generated automatically. The website also offers an in-app help center, preventing users from having to leave the app to seek support. This can greatly enhance the user experience and reduce confusion. Clueso's services can also help to enhance user onboarding by providing interactive product tours to guide users through key features. By providing comprehensive and up-to-date help content, businesses can reduce support costs by allowing users to find answers on their own. Clueso integrates with existing tools and resource centers, making it easy to keep help content consistent across platforms. From their services, users can expect faster creation and updating of help guides, improved user onboarding, reduced support costs, and a seamless integration with existing tools.