Enables businesses to optimize their applications by improving data analysis and reducing costs.
Cloudthread is a platform that helps businesses build cost-efficient applications by providing tools for better data analysis, reducing meetings, and increasing engineering autonomy. They offer a range of services including cloud waste elimination, tracking and attributing savings, engaging engineers, and activating FinOps. With Cloudthread, enterprises with large cloud bills, as well as startups looking for cost efficiency from day one, can trust their platform. They provide normalized engineering unit metrics and a convenient reporting layer that allows engineering teams to take control of their AWS cost efficiency. Cloudthread has been trusted by various companies, including Clever, KCare, Stedi, Janio, Vitau, and many others, who have seen significant monthly savings that were not visible in other tools like Trusted Advisor and Compute Optimizer. With Cloudthread, users can easily uncover cloud waste, filter and prioritize savings opportunities, create actionable plans, and track progress. They also offer cloud visibility and reporting features that allow users to analyze and attribute savings, filter and segment infrastructure, monitor costs, and create custom dashboards. Cloudthread also focuses on cloud unit economics, allowing users to create custom unit metrics, send relevant denominator data, benchmark and budget, and report on cost efficiency. They aim to create a culture of cloud cost ownership across organizations by enabling engineers to take action on cloud costs, providing analytics for usage optimization, and tracking efficiency-focused KPIs. Cloudthread is enterprise-ready with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, SOC2 certification, and team management features. They make cloud costs a first-class metric for engineering organizations, emphasizing the importance of cost efficiency. Overall, Cloudthread is a comprehensive platform that empowers businesses to optimize their cloud costs and improve their application development processes.